Hopkard Plus+

HopKard Plus+ (For Personal Members Only)
200 Baht Annual Fee

HopKard Plus+ members can request unlimited HopKard replacement. 

Simply pay the membership fee as follows:  

Standard HopKard 200 baht

YourDesign HopKard 350 bath (same design only)

HopKard reserves the right to delete any lost cards informed by the customer to protect the customer’s personal information. The aforementioned cards will be permanently deleted from the system and will not be able to be used.

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Why HopKard?

This electronic name card will forever replace all the old paper name cards.

One card for unlimited usage. Never miss an opportunity to impress everyone with HopKard. No more running out of paper name cards. No more overstocking.

Key features of HopKard

  • Eco-friendly name cards (Save the trees!).
  • No app necessary. Simply use NFC Reader or QR Code for information transfer.
  • Edit what you want to share via a simple log-in on HopKard.com
  • Our platform is on AWS, the international Cloud service provider. Availability and security ensured.
  • Program and platform provided by HopKard for your convenience and safety. PDPA enforced.
  • Order your customized YourDesign HopKards/Enterprise Hopkards for yourself or corporate, low-cost Standard Hopkards, HopCoin name cards, or GripTok.
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